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Frequently Asked Questions


How can it be ‘free’?

The Connected for Warmth programme is funded by the Warm Homes Fund which has been established by National Grid and is administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions, and which supports projects tackling fuel poverty across Britain. Cadent, which runs the gas distribution network in the Connected for Warmth area, is also contributing as part of its commitment to their vulnerable customers. Together their funding covers the full cost of the service to households: the survey, gas connection and the central heating installation itself.


Will I save money on my energy bills by switching from electric to gas heating?

If you heat your home with old electric storage heaters or room heaters, switching to gas central heating could reduce your household heating bill by more than 50%. On average, heating your home with electric heating will cost you £1,950 per year, but if you use gas central heating it will cost you on average £880 per year. That’s an average annual saving of £1,070 on your heating bills.


Can I stay with my current energy supplier?

Yes! Most energy suppliers have dual fuel tariffs available, so you can stay with your current energy supplier and you’ll only receive one energy bill from your provider, rather than two bills from two separate suppliers. This can make your bills a lot easier to manage. We can also advise you on how to get a gas meter installed.

Why are we still installing Gas Central Heating? I thought the UK government wants to become carbon neutral?

The government have set a “net carbon neutral” target by 2050, which would require a rapid move to electrification of heating across the UK. At the moment, the electricity network is not able to support this and installing or upgrading electric heating into poorly insulated homes could significantly increase heating bills. The gas networks are also working hard on several future green gas options, such as hydrogen and bio-methane.

I am happy with my electric heating, why should I switch to gas central heating?

Not only would switching to gas central heating save you over 50% on your heating bills, but central heating can be more easily controlled than a typical electric storage heater system. Unlike electric storage heaters, you don’t have to wait for your central heating to charge and you can have heat on demand, throughout the whole day.

Will having gas central heating make any health or respiratory issues worse?

Some articles suggest that having gas central heating can cause a dry throat or coughing, but there is little scientific evidence to prove this. You are more likely to create or worsen existing health issues by having a house that is too cold or even too hot. Gas central heating controls can keep your house at a constant temperature, by not letting the temperature get too low or too high, throughout the day & night. The government recommends you keep your house between 18-21°C. If your house is at a lower temperature, there is a higher risk of damp, mould and cold-related illnesses.

Can I apply for this if I don’t have any gas in my property?

Yes, we can arrange for a gas connection and advise you on how to get a gas meter installed, if you don’t already have these and you are close enough to mains gas. Should a new gas connection be required, it will likely take around 10-12 weeks.


Who will be in contact with me?

Once we receive your referral, you will either receive a call or a letter from the Connected for Warmth team, to confirm your details or request additional information, if required.


How long should the process take?

Timescales will vary for each property, as the location of your property and results of the survey will affect the speed at which we can install your central heating. If you already have gas in your property, this process shouldn’t take too long, and can be flexible to your requirements. If you do not currently have gas in your property, you will need to be connected to the mains gas network and have a gas meter installed, before we can install your central heating system.


Will there be much disruption?

The installation should take 1-2 days to complete, depending on the size of your property. You will not need to vacate the property during this time, and everything will be cleaned before the installers leave. If you have any concerns about noise or disruption, please speak with the installer during your survey, so they can discuss your concerns and put you at ease.


Can I decide where the radiators and boiler will go?

The installer will discuss the location of the boiler and radiators with you during the survey. They will try to accommodate requests, unless it is technically or financially unfeasible, in which case this will be explained to you.


Will I be shown how to control my new heating system?

Yes, once you central heating system is installed, your central heating installer will show you how to use your controls, set timers etc. and will leave you with the instructions manual and their contact details, should there be an issue.


Who do I contact if I have any further question about gas central heating or the programme?

We understand that you may have a lot of questions or concerns about getting a new heating system, we are here to help answers those questions. Our Connected for Warmth team are available to call on: 0800 029 4547 or by email at: info@connectedforwarmth.org.uk .

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