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How can an Air Source Heat Pump keep you warm?

Connected for Warmth is trialling a new programme that offers low income, fuel poor homes a fully-funded air source heat pump. A heat pump will provide your whole house with heat and hot water throughout the year and could help you lower your energy bills. You’ll also lower your carbon footprint and do your bit to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air-source heat pump is a low-carbon way to heat your home. In the Connected for Warmth trial programme, we are using them to replace old electric room heaters, storage heaters and solid fuel fires. In their place we will fit energy efficient radiators and will also upgrade your hot water cylinder to make it more efficient.


How do they work?

A heat pump works by using a small amount of electricity to draw in energy from the air outside into your house. For each unit of electricity used, over 3 units of heat are delivered into your heating and hot water system. This is far more efficient than electric panel heaters, old storage heaters or traditional fossil fuel heating. This means that your new heat pump will typically deliver savings in excess of 40% compared to your existing heating system. And by generating heat renewably you’ll be doing your bit to lower carbon emissions and reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels. Read all about the benefits.

Are you eligible?

If you don’t currently have a central heating system, and if your circumstances make you eligible, we may be able to fit an air source heat pump to your property, along with a new water cylinder, radiators and all the necessary pipework, valves and heating controls.


Find out if you’re eligible.

How it’s funded

The funding for Connected for Warmth comes from the Warm Homes Fund – a £150 million fund established by National Grid and administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions. 

Servicing Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps should have a regular annual service to keep them operating safely and effectively, just like any other heating system. The good news is that a properly installed heat pump is inherently reliable and should give you many years of low cost, low maintenance heating.


If you are eligible and have a heat pump installed, in the unlikely event that your heat pump has a problem in the first 12 months after its installation, our dedicated support team will be on hand to offer advice and arrange a callout as appropriate.


In order to ensure the best experience, the Connected for Warmth programme will provide the first annual service free of charge. All you will need to do is contact our service provider on the freephone number or website details on your heat pump, and they will arrange for an engineer to visit.


After this, as long as you continue to arrange and pay for an annual service your heat pump and central heating system will have a 7 year guarantee. We can offer a competitive servicing package – please see for details.

Leading Air Source Heat Pump specialists

Connected for Warmth is managed by AgilityEco, in partnership with Affordable Warmth Solutions. They are supported by Alto Energy, a leading expert in the heat pump sector within the UK. Alto Energy offers MCS accredited design, equipment supply, servicing, technical support, commissioning and quality control services to an extensive and growing network of heat pump suppliers.

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